Art and Design Diploma, Kingston University, London, UK (2014 - 2015)

BA History of Art, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK (2011 - 2014) 


Interdisciplinary Residency, Hospitalfield, Scotland, UK
Rooms of Reflection, Volkshotel, NL
Earth Night, Lofi, Amsterdam, NL
De Disco Gemeenschap Meet-Up, Sexyland, NL


Purple Pink Pop-Up, Baking Lab, Amsterdam, NL

slug pizzaz fish nibble, Wooosh, UK

Forced Collaboration, (online)

Written contribution in Pisswife Zine edition 4, Amsterdam, NL
Every Lemon is Different, The Performance Bar, WORM, Rotterdam, NL
Hang Together, Huis van Iemand Anders, Amsterdam, NL


Unboxed, Bank House, Saxmundham, UK

Unfinished Festival, London, UK
Mud Mike with Julia Koelmans, The Aldeburgh Lookout Tower, Aldeburgh, UK


ECSTACY IN NORWICH, Lower Green, Norwich, UK

The Annotated Reader, Cork Street, London, UK (project coordinator for Ryan Ganderand Jonathan P. Watts)

Fold / Flip, Asylum Studios, Rendlesham, UK (solo)

Muriel, The Mural Room, Edinburgh, UK

BLUE DOT, Glemham Hall, Glemham, UK (curator)

Open Call, Atlas House, Ipswich, UK


Sea Sounds, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, UK
Flora and Fauna, Vanil, Woodbridge, UK

Reclaim Space, Ugly Duck, London, UK


100 Square Feet, Halesworth Gallery, Halesworth, UK

Ian Presents AnOther Art Exhibition, Studio T, London, UK

Butley Mills Open Studios, Butley, UK

Foundation Studies in Art and Design Show, Knights Park Campus, London, UK

The Misplaced Museum, The House of Fairy Tales, Stanley Picker Gallery, London, UK


2019 Atlas House Residency, Seoul, South Korea

2019 Mud Mike with Julia Koelmans, The Aldeburgh Lookout Tower, Aldeburgh, UK 
2017 Rajamangala University, Thailand

2016 Sudbourne Park Printmakers, Sudbourne, UK


2019 Pocket Exhibition, Boundary Lab, Seoul, South Korea

2019 City Navigation, Boundary Lab, Seoul, South Korea

2018 A Foreign Affair, KABK 4th Year Fine Arts Exhibition, NL (guest advisor) 
2017 Connect and Communicate, Rajamangala University, Thailand


Foodback / Feedback: critical feedback and networking events formulated around the language and sharing of food
Mud Mike: ongoing collaboration with musician and composer Lara Agar

2018 - 2019: Studio assistant to Felix Salut and Maria Barnas, Amsterdam, NL
2017 - 2018: Studio Assistant at Ryan Gander’s Suffolk Studio, UK
2015 - 2016: Apprentice to Laurence Edwards, Butley Mills Studios, UK

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