A video narrating how a large block of chalk came to be in the forest, combined with a performance which studies the sounds of this location.

This is a collaborative work as part of Mud Mike with musician and composer Lara Agar. Periodically we visit this block of chalk, the video is from one of these visits with audio clips recorded by Phoebe layered over.

This video was projected at the same time as three musicians performed. Each were given a set of headphones with an individual score that isolated either the sounds of scraping (violinist), brushing (guitarist) or background noise of passing cars (brick and glass).

Each was asked to try and copy the rhythm of the sound they could hear as closely as possible.

Performed at the Freedom of Movement Festival (Unfinished), London, 14th March 2019.

link to video excerpt : https://vimeo.com/388214824

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